The Harmoknee program



The Harmoknee knee injury prevention program was created after years of field studies and research. Approximately 1 000 female soccer athletes in the ages 12 - 19 were educated within the HarmoKnee program. Approximately another 1 000 female soccer athletes in the ages 12 - 19 were added as a control group. During and after one season the injury rates of the two groups were compared. The results was published in "The Archives of Internal Medicin."

The difference in results was amazing!

HarmoKnee reduced the risk of knee injuries by 77% . The non contact knee injury risks (these injuries stand for 80% of all knee injuries) were reduced by 90%. The study and the results are now widely known and even published in the well known medical journal

“The Archives of Internal Medicine”

The study was focused on female soccerplayers for that simple reason that they have one of the highest risk of suffering a knee injury. Our thesis is that if it works for the persons most prone to get injured it can work for other groups as well.

"To play and participate in sports is not only benificial for the body it also gave me as a person a context and a sence of belonging. When I injured my knee it took longer time for  my mind to  be rebuilt then I needed fysio post-op. Who was I if I could not play soccer at the same level? To see that there is a way to prevent that many more get injuried is very inspiring and I hope that many will take this oppertunety and enjoy their sports for as long as they wish."

//Eva, injured age 14

"The Harmoknee program gives you  a chance to play sports at the level you want to play for as long as you want."

//Mikael Fahlén, former coach for  Swedish national WU 19 soccerteam